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CollectedKoRn are one of the best-selling nu-metal bands on the planet. Of the eight studio albums to their name, the first seven have all been certified platinum - and time will surely see the eighth attain similar status.

The demise of the band L.A.P.D. was the starting point for KoRn. The remaining members (Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu, James "Munky" Shaffer, David Silveria and Brian "Head" Welch) were looking for a new singer, found Jonathan Davis, and KoRn was born. A demo followed soon after, Neidermeyer's Mind, and in a rock music scene preoccupied with grunge, they finally signed to Immortal Records.
The result was 1994's KoRn. The huge amount of time they spent touring paid dividends, assuring them of a fanbase which bought the future albums in their droves. Their second album was Life Is Peachy (1996), which reached No.3 on the Billboard charts and finally achieved platinum-selling status.

In 1998 KoRn released their third album Follow The Leader, which featured performances from Ice Cube and Fred Durst, among others. The album was a phenomenal success, sitting near the top of the charts in many countries across the world. The success was exceeded by the fourth album Issues which debuted at No.1 on the Billboard charts, in spite of moving away from the hip-hop influence which had, until that time, been an integral part of their sound.

The group had been creative in using the internet as a weapon in their quest for exposure, but this backfired when the release of their fifth album Untouchables (2002) was leaked onto file-sharing networks, impacting the sales of the album when it was released. Nonetheless the album performed well by most standards. Stylistically, the sound of the band was evolving as this release found them using orchestral and synth arrangements to complement their nu-metal core.

Take a Look in the Mirror was released in 2003, which they followed with a best of compilation Greatest Hits, Volume 1 in 2004. It was after this album and before See You on the Other Side was released in (2005) that Welch announced he was leaving the band, renouncing the obscenity of KoRn and his addiction to crystal meth and asserting a newly-found faith in God instead; his solo album is expected in 2008. Meanwhile, KoRn released See You..., and in keeping with their track record, it debuted in the Top 5 of the Billboard chart.

With Silveria taking a break from the band for a while, KoRn undertook a stint on the MTV Unplugged series without him.

Their most recent album was 2007's KoRn.

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