KoRn - Untouchables

UntouchablesUntouchables (Limited Edition with Bonus DVD)Untouchables is the fifth album by American Nu metal  band Korn. The album was officially released on June 11, 2002 and featured the Grammy-winning single "Here to Stay", as well as "Thoughtless" and "Alone I Break". The album marks their second to use alternative metal but whereas Issues shifted away from the hip hop-influenced nu metal which was highly present in their early albums, this album does see its return on certain tracks such as "Bottled Up Inside" and "Beat It Upright".

New techniques were used on this album as well: Untouchables featured elements like undistorted guitars and electronics on some songs, giving the album an overall mellow but spooky feel, with one critic calling it a "purgatorial symphony". Songs of this variety include "Hollow Life" and "Hating". The album also contains some of the band's most aggressive work songs like "Here to Stay", "Thoughtless", "Wake Up Hate" and "Beat It Upright" all show this. Untouchables debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 with 434,000 copies. The album received positive reviews from respected music magazines.

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