Iron Maiden - The Best Of The Beast

The Best of the BeastBest of the Beast was Iron Maiden's first "best of" album, released in 1996 in three formats: a 34 track (four disc) vinyl, a 27 track (two disc) CD, a 16 track (single disc) CD and minidiscMD. The track listings are mainly Maiden's greatest hits (singles) and most well-known songs from 1980-1995 albums, but it also includes a new single (entitled Virus). A live version of "Afraid to Shoot Strangers" was also on this album. The audio was from the Live video filmed during The X Factour (world tour to promote The X Factor album) - originally this song featured the band's previous vocalist Bruce Dickinson.

The two-CD version contained two songs from the band's 1979 demo tape The Soundhouse Tapes ("Iron Maiden" and "Strange World," of which the latter one was previously unreleased). The 4-disc vinyl pressing is quite rare and has increased in value steadily over the years in music stores and on online auction sites. The standard edition's value has not changed much although the Japanese pressings continue to rise in value. The Best Of The Beast has long since been out of print and has been "replaced" by Edward the Great in most countries as a 'best of' for the band.

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